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I am an individual with a broad variety of interests, including web design, programming and computer science, music, math, philosophy, and hiking.

For the past few years I have been working as a freelance web designer. The internet has been a fascinating place for me for as long as I can remember, but I first became interested in adding to it about 10 years ago when I was in middle school. At that time I got my first book on web development which I consumed quite quickly as I recall. Shortly thereafter I took over maintaining my mom's business site. Since then I have been almost entirely self-taught. I have read several books, hundreds of articles, thousands of forum posts, and have learned much more from personal trial and error. I also took a course in web design and development while at the University of Rochester, which helped fill in gaps in my knowledge. Building websites is highly enjoyable for me because it is both creative and techinically challenging.

I am a person who is very drawn to problem solving of all sorts. This is probably why I like math so much—it's all problem solving! I received a minor in mathematics from the University of Rochester, which included advanced courses such as calculus (of course), linear algebra, topology, probability, and discrete math. I am currently taking courses in statistics and data structures. As a problem solver, I am particularly drawn to puzzles of various sorts (Sudokus are among my favorite). If you head over to my projects page, you can see several puzzles and strategic games that I have programmed for the web. Enjoy (or not)!

I began playing the flute at age 8, and ever since then music has played an important role in my life. In fact, it was my primary focus for many years. I recently graduated from the Eastman School of Music (connected to U-Rochester), which is one of the top schools in the country for flute performance study. I received a Bachelor of Music, which included not only rigorous performance training, but also advanced study in music theory and history. Over the years I've been successful in many competitions and attended numerous music festivals. My full flute bio appears below. While in high school I also picked up the piano, and while I'm not a particularly skilled player, I enjoy it immensely.

When I am not reading, studying, programming, designing or practicing, I might be outside taking a walk or hike. I am a great appreciator of the outdoors.

I am currently based in New York's capital region.


Turi Scilipoti is a recent graduate of the Eastman School of Music where he studied with flutist Bonita Boyd. At Eastman, Turi performed regularly with the Eastman Philharmonia, Eastman Wind Ensemble, Musica Nova, OSSIA, and Azzimato Wind Quintet. In 2015 he played for the Eastman Wind Ensemble's recording of Jeff Tyzik's Concerto for Timpani and Wind Ensemble with Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra timpanist Charles Ross, and he was runner-up in Eastman's flute concerto competition the same semester. For two years Turi served on Eastman's Academic Integrity Committee.

A native of upstate NY, Turi began studying the flute at the age of 8. In 2008, he joined the Empire State Youth Orchestra (ESYO). Two years later, he was a featured soloist with ESYO after winning the orchestra's concerto competition. In 2012, he participated in ESYO's Asia Tour, performing in Beijing, Shanghai, Seoul, and the World EXPO in Yeosu, South Korea.

In the summers, Turi has attended numerous festivals and institutes, including the National Orchestral Institute, Round Top Festival, Pierre Monteux School (where he was an Ensemble Tremblay Scholar), Marina Piccinini International Master Classes, and ARIA Summer Academy. He also competed at the 2015 National Flute Association Convention in Washington DC, where he won 2nd place in the Orchestral Audition Competition and was also selected as a winner of the Masterclass Performers Competition.

Among Turi's other successful competitions/awards are the Rochester Flute Association Emerging Artist Competition, the Anthony R. Stefan Scholarship Competition, and the Helen Henshaw Scholarship.

Turi has performed in classes with prominent flutists Denis Bouriakov, David Cramer, Bart Feller, Marianne Gedigian, Aaron Goldman, Jeffrey Khaner, Renée Krimsier, Walfrid Kujala, Robert Langevin, Laural Ann Maurer, Judith Mendenhall, Takeaki Miyamae, Marina Piccinini, Debra Reuter-Pivetta, Paula Robison, Gary Schocker, Mark Sparks, Linda Toote, Ransom Wilson, and Carol Wincenc.