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I am a web designer, software engineer, and musician, among other things. This site allows me to share a little of my interests and efforts with the world.

I am currently employed as a Software Engineer at HemaTerra Technologies, and I enjoy taking on the occasional freelance project as time permits.


I enjoy learning new technologies all
the time, and the best way to do this is by building things. The projects page is a showcase for my various creations, which range from AI-equipped games and puzzles to full-stack web apps. Most are web-related, so please
enjoy them hands-on!

Web Design
& Development

Building websites was my
entry point into the world of programming and software. I
have been developing professional websites as a freelancer since 2014. Visit the web design page to see a porfolio of my work and learn about my philosophy of creation and collaboration.


...has always
been a big part
of my life. I am a
classical flutist and I
also enjoy dabbling in
piano. Please check out the
music page to listen to samples
of my playing and read more
about me in my musician capacity.